This project was created and completed during Sheridan's Design Week  Game Jam in October 2019. The task was to create three games using similar mechanics. One of these games was Data Dashers.

Data Dashers is a couch style platformer in which two teams race to collect as many Data Disks as possible. A team's runner is responsible for collecting Data Disks and a team's hacker has to sabotage the enemy teams runner with traps and projectiles while protecting their own

On this project, I worked on the HUD and code pertaining to various states in the game such as cooldowns and weapons switching. I also assisted with the player controller code and did a lot of testing.


A branching narrative game about being mistaken for an alien spy and having to find your way home before you get probed or worse.

You're not Yorak is written by myself and Kilian Johnson. I worked on two of the narrative routes as well as working on integrating yarn into unity using Yarn Spinner  for Unity. I also worked on the core game code within unity.

This project is 90% complete and will be my 1st official game release in July 2020


Porch Pirate is a game created in a similar way to Data Dashers. The project was created to explore how secondary mechanics can change how a game fundamentally works. The core mechanic in this game is a point and click which is coupled with the secondary mechanic of stealth.

For this project, I worked on programming and systems design. I designed and programmed the system that scales the difficulty of the game as time passes as well as how the presents are spawned by rarity and rate. I also worked on the game feedback and sound design. 



Sheridan Design Week 2020

Team of 6 - 38 Hours
Project Manager | Assistant Programmer

A 2-Player arcade game about fighting off hordes of monsters.

I worked mainly as a project manager (time management, task allocation, task tracking) and did some programming for the enemy movement and pawn system)


"Point and B*tch"

Team of 3 - 2 Months
Programmer | Game Feel

The accompanying game to Porch Pirate. A game about rapidly sorting laundry and washing it without mixing colours or your Mama will get mad!

On this project, I worked on the game feel such as the machines shaking and Mama's reactions. I also worked  on a few games systems


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