I grew up in Sandton, South Africa and spent most of high school studying to try and be an astrophysicist. After attending my first gaming convention I gained a deep interest in console gaming and decided to become a psychologist. When fibre internet was installed at my parent's house my best friend got me into PC gaming and it made me so happy I decided to become a Game Designer. So I hopped on a plane to Toronto to pursue that dream and here we are.


I design experiences that immerse the player in a whole new world separate from our own. I like to bring my narrative background into designing mechanics that feel right for the experience and tell stories without saying a word. Within the realm of production, I bring structure to projects by encouraging my team to explore the production tools. I make it known to my team that I am there for whatever support they need and by providing these supports I keep projects running smoothly.


I was featured in the Prosearium.net project for identifying African Women in Gaming in 2020. In 2020 I was also selected as one of the 1st ever Capybara Games Mentees. In the Capy Mentorship Program, I was given the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and build a professional network (I also made a few friends along the way). I was invited to represent Sheridan College in the 2021 Cross-Cultural Impact Jam

organized by the French Embassy of Canada, Unity and Games for Change.



The Cat is Kira (Toronto). The dog is Shabba (Sandton)

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