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Data Dashers is a competitive 4-player platformer created during my 3rd Sheridan Design Week in November of 2020. The design challenge for this project was to create 3 games with the same core mechanic. Data Dashers features 2 teams of 2. On each team 1 player is the team's defender and the other is the team's runner. The defenders play on the same screen and the same goes for the runners. The goal of the runner is to collect data disks and escape. The goal of the defender is to block the enemy runner from collecting disks using different types of traps. The defender can also disable the enemy defender's traps to help their teammate.


This game was created with a sub-team of 4, our main team consisted of 14 people. All the teams used the same core mechanics to create 3 completely different games. For this project, I programmed all of the systems in the game and helped the other programmer with fine-tuning the values on the player controllers. The systems I worked on included the ability cooldowns and the game manager. I also worked on the UI for the game and created the corresponding visual assets for the UI. I also designed the title screen for the game. 

Cooldown Timer Code.PNG

The above image is a snippet from the defender controller script. The first method deals with updating the UI on whether or not the player is on ability cooldown. If the player is on cooldown a separate script on the cooldown bar checks the progress and updates. The actual cooldown function is found in the BlockPlaceCheck() method. The method first checks if the player can place a black and is not using the block remover. If those criteria are met a block is placed and within the place block method the timer is set to 0. If the player cannot place a block the timer is increased and then is capped at the max time.

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