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Porch Pirate is a point-and-click high-score game about stealing packages delivered by drone. The design challenge for this game was to create 2 games with the same core mechanic and different secondary mechanics. The goal of this design challenge was to explore how secondary mechanics can create 2 completely different experiences.


These 2 games were created in a very balanced group of 3. I programmed the system and focused on evenly balancing the game. My favourite system in this project was the weighted rarity table that determines which packages are more likely to spawn. The probability of rarer packages being spawned increases proportionately to the pace of the game. On the sister game to this project, I worked with some of the core code but spent most of my time implementing the UI and adding game feel elements. These game feel elements were also utilized as tools to provide feedback to the player. For both games, I worked on sound design and utilized audio as another player feedback tool.

Box Spawn Code.PNG

I wrote this code to be versatile enough to be used in multiple projects of varying scopes. An initial random number is chosen. If this number is in the first rarity bracket, the loop breaks and that rarity is chosen. If not, the loop continues to run until the correct rarity bracket is found. Once the rarity bracket is selected, a second array is referenced to choose the corresponding game object.

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