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Bugz-Saw is a retro-style wave defence arcade game created during my 4th Sheridan Design Week in March of 2020. Defend Toronto from the invading bug forces using a giant robot with saws for hands. Play with a friend to defend the city and achieve the highest position on the leaderboard! This game was coded and built for a custom arcade cabinet in the college's game research room.


This game was created with a full team of 6 which is larger than all my design week teams before this. Due to the larger team size, I was able to take the role of producer for this project. My responsibilities were to co-ordinate communication between our programmers, designers and artists and keep track of the team schedule and production timeline. Every morning I facilitated a team meeting where the team set a goal for the day and made a plan to reach it. After the team meeting, I would ask the team to fill out their schedule for the day and would help keep track of where people were in case they were needed for a specific task. I also assisted the 1st years with git co-ordination as they were new to source control at the time and this assisted in the successful use of our git repository. I also did some design work and programming on the waves of enemies but this was later taken over by one of the 1st years.

Team Schedule.PNG

The above image is a snippet from the team schedule. This was helpful in identifying what tasks everybody was completing on an hour-by-hour basis. This helped me track what tasks were being completed as per the morning meeting. The schedule also helped assign tasks as when a team member had finished a task I was able to see how many time slots were left in the day for them to work and assigned a task that would fit their time constraints.

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